Additional Information

Admission to the school

Chauncy is a Hertfordshire Academy school and adheres to the County’s stated policy and criteria on admissions. Copies of the relevant document may be obtained from the Hertfordshire Local Authority. The admissions limit for Year 7 in September 2023 is two hundred and ten.

 Charging Policy

 The Chauncy School Governors’ policy is that charges may be made:

  • For ‘optional extras’ which are all activities arranged outside school hours (including meal breaks). However, we ask for contributions towards all trips to lessen the burden on our school finances.
  • For materials and ingredients when parents have indicated that they wish to receive the end product.

In terms of the Education Reform Act 1988, ‘outside school hours’ means that more than half the activity takes place outside normal school hours.

School property

Pupils may be charged for any books or equipment that they lose or are damaged whilst in their care.

Collective Worship

All students attend up to two formal assemblies each week: upper or lower school and year. Parents have a right to withdraw their child from religious education and collective worship, either in whole or in part. In such cases, the parents will be consulted about appropriate alternative arrangements.

The School day

School begins each day at 8.50 am and ends at 3.30 pm.  Lunch is taken from 1.30 – 2.15 pm.  Food is also available during morning break at 11.00 am and at Breakfast Clubs before school. This allows for 25 hours each week to be spent on teaching.  The Secretary of State’s recommended minimum for ages 12 – 16 is 24 hours each week.

School based complaints procedure

The school aims to work closely with parents and we hope that parents who have any concerns or anxieties will, in the first instance, raise these with the Form Tutor or Learning Co-ordinator. If you are not sure whom to approach, please enquire at the school office.  We find that nearly all concerns or potential concerns can be resolved happily through discussion.

The Governors of the school have arrangements for considering complaints formally. For general matters and matters to do with Special Educational Needs, they have adopted a procedure that follows the guidelines recommended by Hertfordshire County Council.  There are, in addition, special arrangements for considering complaints about matters to do with Teaching of the National Curriculum and about collective worship in the school.  Copies of these arrangements may be obtained from the school office.