Chauncy Student Leaders 2021 – 2022

Chauncy Student Leaders 2021 – 2022

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‘Chauncy is a safe and stimulating school that provides every individual student with the perfect environment to flourish and discover who they truly want to be.’


‘For me, Chauncy has been about learning independence and confidence; from the moment you begin here, it becomes about independent working and applying yourself. With these skills, I now feel confident to compete with the top students nationwide.’


‘I moved to Chauncy in year 10 from Ghana and as difficult as the transition proved, the teachers made an extra effort to support me through change. I was given consistent help from the staff and my GCSE grades prove this, with nothing ending up below a 7.’


‘I have been coming to Chauncy since Year Seven and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. After coming to Chauncy I instantly found friends and the staff helped support me where they could.’