Sixth Form Arrangements 2022 – 2024

Chauncy School Sixth Form Admission Policy 2022 – 2024
We offer a wide range of academic and vocational qualifications to our sixth form students. All
Year 11 students attending Chauncy School will be offered a place in the sixth form if they meet
the entry requirements for the course they wish to study, and if the school is satisfied that it is
appropriate for the student. Our policy is to ensure that students are placed on courses where they
are most likely to succeed.
Chauncy School will accept applications from external students for places once all internal students
have been accommodated. The number of admissions to Chauncy School from outside will be 25
In the event of more external applications than places available the following criteria will be used
for admissions: Chauncy School will first admit students in public care (Children Looked After or
previously Looked After). Then as a tie-breaker the school will admit the student who live nearest
to Chauncy School.
(Note: The Governing Body of Chauncy School will reserve the right to use the straight line
distance measurement provided by Hertfordshire County Council’s GIS system. HCC’s literature is
now available at:
Entry Requirements:

  1. Entry into Chauncy Sixth Form is dependent on meeting a GCSE, OCRN or BTEC
    equivalent exam entry requirement of 5+ 9 – 4 grades (A* – C in the legacy system).
    Students will need a minimum of a Grade 6 in many of the subjects they wish to study at A
  2. Students who wish to study a subject which has not previously been studied will be
    admitted according to the 5+ 9 – 4 ruling. For BTEC courses students will need to achieve
    5+ 9 – 4 grades (A* – C in the legacy system)
  3. Consultation will take place between the Head of Sixth form and the Head of Department
    where a student has failed to meet the entry requirement for a subject but has shown a
    serious intention to continue their education.
  4. In exceptional circumstances, and after consultation with the Head of Sixth Form and other
    relevant staff, negotiated entry to the Sixth Form is sometimes possible if normal entry
    requirements have not been met.
  5. Chauncy will accept any Year 11 student wishing to continue their education at Chauncy
    School post 16, as long as they meet the exam entry requirement or have successfully
    negotiated entry to the Sixth Form as described in point 3.
  6. Chauncy welcomes students from other schools who have a serious intent to enter post 16
    education at Chauncy School as long as they meet the exam entry requirement.
    Parents or students who are unsuccessful in the application to the school have the right to
    appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel. Details can be obtained by contacting the
    Admissions Officer at the school.