Sixth Form Entry Procedure 2022 – 2024

Entry Procedure:

  1. Students attend a series of assemblies outlining post-16 options in
    November of Year 11.
  2. In November a Chauncy Sixth Form Choices Evening is held, inviting parents and students to attend a presentation on Post 16 options and to speak to subject leaders and current sixth form students.
  3. A sixth form prospectus is published which is given to all students attending the options evening and then to all other Year 11 students who may be interested in joining the sixth form. This is also available through the school website. Students wishing to apply to the 6th Form complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ form.
  4. Following the information evening, all students in Year 11 are offered a 1 to 1 interview with a senior member of staff to discuss progress and post 16 options. Students will receive a conditional offer letter for a place in the sixth form.
  5. Based on initial expressions of interest, sixth form options blocks are trialled. Blocks continue to be trialled until final blocks are confirmed in the Spring term.
  6. External applicants are invited to interview to discuss career and/or higher education aspirations and the suitability of chosen courses.
  7. Students are invited to an Induction Programme in the summer term, where they join the sixth form for three days taking part in lessons and activities.
  8. On GCSE results day, students who have failed to meet the entry requirement are asked to attend a meeting with the Head of Sixth Form. Here their results are analysed against their choices and either a more suitable course will be offered, or they will be given support in choosing a more appropriate course at a different institution.