Welcome to Chauncy Sixth Form

Welcome to Chauncy School 6th Form 2021 – 2023

For parents this may be a perplexing and worrying time as the uncertain jobs market and expense of university education has some of us wondering how our young people will cope. If you are a student this is probably an exciting time full of promise, ambition and a little impatience to be moving on to the next stage of your lives. I am confident that for Chauncy’s determined and hardworking young people the future is bright and their optimism is matched by their high expectations of themselves and their teachers.

Our 6th Form has grown considerably in size over the last few years and unusually for popular schools we continue to welcome students of different abilities onto our different pathways. All young people should be valued as individuals with their own interests, abilities, skills and ambitions and our somewhat flexible entry requirements encourage pride in one’s achievements and setting the highest expectations. DFE figures show Chauncy in the top 10% of schools nationally for achievement at 16 and at 18. Our A grade Year 11 students follow highly academic courses, achieve A grades at A Level and go on to study at the top universities. Others work really hard at a wide range of subjects and go on to university where they often excel. A further group may study one or more of our vocational courses and progress into Higher Education courses or to good employment opportunities, particularly in modern apprenticeships.

We design individual, hybrid courses to suit the abilities and aspirations of each student. The range of courses always attracts students from other schools and we have an excellent record of success with incoming students.

Our 6th Form staff team is a committed group of adults determined to help all students achieve their best. Pablo Ardiles is Head of 6th Form and he works closely with Jill Warner who is our non-teaching Student Support Manager, available throughout the day to work with young people and their families when times get too exciting, overpowering or stressful. Individual and group study support is offered by our team of mentors.

Our Sixth Form Centre provides study, social and relaxation opportunities. The students have computer rooms where they can quietly undertake the considerable amount of private study required for success. They also have free use of our Fitness Suite in our new Sports Hall.

Beyond the traditional classroom our students are keen to pursue enrichment opportunities in sports, media, drama and music and many set a brilliant example by teaching, tutoring and coaching younger Chauncy students in a range of subjects. We have extended the range of paid employment opportunities available to sixth formers; they run our Early Einstein and Reading Plus programmes, act as reading mentors and 1-1 tutors across the curriculum and work as cleaners and in the canteen. The work experience programme, careers guidance and employers at our breakfast seminars and evening meetings all encourage knowledge of future employment options.

A number have signed up for The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) where they learn and develop the research skills used in Higher Education whilst working on an individual project that has fired their interest.

I am delighted to see 6th Formers setting such an enthusiastic example to the younger students and their work as anti-bullying and reading mentors, sports coaches and club leaders shows a happy bunch of young people working hard, enjoying their time together and looking forward confidently.

Our 6th Form was rated as Outstanding by Ofsted in 2017.

I hope we can offer you the courses and opportunities you seek and that you decide to join us in our 6th Form. You will have the support, skills and talents of a great staff dedicated to your success.

Dennis O’Sullivan (Headteacher)